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Growing a resilient community by engineering innovative farming system that protects the environment, encourage biodiversity and produce organic foods.

Leading an innovation on food security, Long-term sustainable food production system, Reducing the effects of climate change on food production, Saving the ecosystem through Aquaponics, Engineering farming system that help shorten the proximity between fresh produce and consumers


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Innovative Self-sustained Food Production System

Aquaponics is a mini-ecosystem of farming where fish excretions are used as fertilizer to grow plants. The plants in turn absorb the nutrients from the water and clean water is returned to the fish through a closed-loop system. In fact, about 95-99% of water is reused in Aquaponics system. This constant recycling and reuse of water is a significant advantage that Aquaponics has over other systems of farming.

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We specialize in harnessing the regenerative power of the microbial networks that communicate with the ecosystem to grow plants through Aquaponics system.